Services Offered


Besides Expert Advice on Export of Used Machinery to India We provide Services like :

  •     CE Certification
  •     Machine Appraisal and Valuations
  •     Independent Design Assessments
  •     Technical Audits
  •     Expert Witness and Arbitration

What is CE Certification ?

In order to export used machinery to India, it is a mandatory requirement of the Indian Government to obtain a Chartered Engineer Certificate (CEC). This applies to any equipment that is used, second hand, refurbished or rebuilt. It is mandatory to produce this CE Certificate during customs clearance for such goods in India, otherwise machinery will be rejected by customs at the port of entry in India, resulting in costly delays and increased expenditure.
Chartered Engineer Certificate for export of Used Machinery to India

Fractal Engineering Solutions LTD is authorized by Indian Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to provide CE Certification to exporters and importers. We have a global network and we can provide services at virtually every harbour and airport around the world. Having a proper CEC that is accurate and correctly formatted can avoid unnecessary and costly delays in shipping.

Our service includes a site visit to inspect the equipment and a draft report which can be verified by the client or the import agent in India. The final certificate is then stamped and sent with the equipment.

Our certificate describes the details of equipment being inspected and includes a general description of the equipment, the condition of the equipment, the value, the year of manufacture and the estimated residual life. It also refers to relevant documents, spare parts and accessories where appropriate.

Although it is not a test of the machine performance or reliability, any problems and defects are recorded and if it is necessary to refurbish or repair the machine in order to bring it back to a good condition, this is included in the certificate along with the estimated costs. We also recommend any remedial steps needed to gain successful approval for equipment export.

Our chartered engineers are internationally reputed and are able to deal with a wide range of engineering problems. With a global network of associates, we can provide services to virtually any corner of the world.